“Our goal is to create opportunities & experiences for our youth that they may not have in our community.”

One Village One Voice Inc 

our programs


We start with the fundamentals of basketball in our training and we challenge each of our players to go beyond their limits.


We implement the importance of physical fitness in preparation to play sports. Pro athletes prepare several times a day to play at a top level and we want to teach young kids this great attribute.


Chess makes the child learn how to strategize aspects of the game and life. in addition, a child can also learn the importance of foresight and planning. 

This program has taught me how to be aggressive and versatile. This program has also improve my basketball skills,Thanks to coach Keven and coach Marquis.
Okello White
I've been with one village one voice since 2012, and i must admit it has changed my life completely. Kevin and chivon was like the big brother and father figure, when i was down and going through things i knew i could always go to keven and chivon and just talk to them. they always made it know that this is just more than basketball . Ovov is more like a safe haven and a place to be at and not running the streets. With that being said keven and chivon help mold me to being the man that i am today. Without their guidance you wouldn’t see the mature hard working man that you see standing in front of you today and for that i thank them.
Anthony nelson

The Gym Location

We’ve been located at Crawford memorial United Methodist Church for the last 6 yrs and we have molded some great young men and women in this gym. 

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