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Mission Statement

One Village One Voice inc mission is to keep our youth off the streets and out of trouble. A Major focus point of our program is to guide them in a positive direction to become responsible young adults. We are a mentoring program that implements the fundamentals of basketball, chess, and similar activities to stimulate the young minds of our youth today.


One Village One Voice programs are designed to train the youth bodies and minds to the fullest and preparing them for obstacles on the court and obstacles in real life.


Our basketball program offers group workouts, personal one on one workouts and each member will have the opportunity to join our Sharpshooters basketball team.


Our Fitness curriculum is the best in the Bronx. Every workout is aimed to push the youth to their limits. Our curriculum will help increase their ability to play at a high level.


We describe our chess program as "The Game of intelligence". Our Chess curriculum will help develop youth minds with critical thinking and stargazing each move, which will help them in their every day lives.

This program has taught me how to be aggressive and versatile. This program has also improve my basketball skills,Thanks to coach Keven and coach Marquis.
Okello White
I've been with one village one voice since 2012, and i must admit it has changed my life completely. Kevin and chivon was like the big brother and father figure, when i was down and going through things i knew i could always go to keven and chivon and just talk to them. they always made it know that this is just more than basketball . Ovov is more like a safe haven and a place to be at and not running the streets. With that being said keven and chivon help mold me to being the man that i am today. Without their guidance you wouldn’t see the mature hard working man that you see standing in front of you today and for that i thank them.
Anthony nelson

Our media interviews

We had the privilege to interview with the great Bob lee on Bronxnet show Open and also interview with Charles Laloma from The LDM Show.

We discussed how we got started and our mission for the youth in the community and more.