About Our village

The essence of One Village One Voice is to develop quality youth programs for the Bronx and NYC that will not essentially have single family homes choosing between bills and a quality program for their kids. The program founded in the summer of 2012 by two Bronx natives Keven and Chivon. The idea of O.V.O.V came  during a time when the two was coaching for a church basketball team.

The program started in Crawford church inside their basement gym and every Saturday we had about 30-50 kids young boys and girls that desired to play ball at a high level. Our program was different that most because we focus heavy on physical fitness and then basketball, This method separated the basketball players and the kids that like to play ball. We made it a point to teach kids hard work and mental toughness and just to never give up no matter how hard things might get.

The gym was dirty, crowed with junk and broken rims but this didn’t deter us from providing these kids with a quality program. We spent our own money and time cleaning the gym, fixing the rims and replacing the lights. We created a home for many that didn’t qualify for other teams or couldn’t afford the high price tag that many AAU programs come with. We crated the basketball team the sharpshooters and played in many local tournaments some paid with our own money or donations. We felt it was important that the youth experience the game they love at a high level.

In 2018 we decided that we wanted to grow our basketball program into a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that will create many more programs that the youth can take advantage of and develop their physical skills and mental abilities. Our program expanded to basketball, fitness, chess and fundamental workshops that would help expand their minds. The program still stands today as a free program only paying a yearly registration fee of $40. We look to continue adding programs and volunteers to lead these programs and help the youth.

Our Mission

One village one voice mission is to keep our youth off the streets and out of trouble. A Major focus point of our program is to guide them in a positive direction to become responsible young adults. We are a mentoring program that implements the fundamentals of basketball, chess, and similar activities to stimulate the young minds of our youth today.

Our Founders

“Work for your legacy not for your money.”

Keven Finlay


Chivon Johnson


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Antoinette Finlay

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