Our village

One Village One Voice started in the year 2012 by Keven Finlay with the passion to help his sons and youth in the neighborhood stay off the streets. The basketball program was organized within the gym of Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church. Later in 2012, Chivon Johnson joined Keven in helping Mold the youth and the basketball program. We were able to create the Sharpshooters basketball team, OVOV Basketball & fitness Clinic, youth basketball open runs, Chess program, and youth mentoring program.

The essence of One Village One Voice is to develop quality youth programs for the Bronx and New York City that will be financially affordable to low income and single-parent homes. Our program became available to over 50 boys & girls each Saturday that have a strong desire to be positive and active in sports. The organization establishes strong values in the youth as hard work, determination, grit and value for yourself and others.

We were able to create a home for many youths that didn’t qualify for other school or AAU teams or couldn’t afford the high price tag that comes with many programs. We place our sharpshooter’s basketball team in many local tournaments to help them gain much-needed experience to reach the next level. These tournaments are paid through donations and our funds.

In 2018 One Village One Voice became an incorporated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our goal is to create more affordable and creative programs for the youth, all of our programs & workshops will have the foundation of developing the youth minds and bodies so they may succeed in & outside of sports. Unfortunately, our program is no longer a free like we started 7 yrs ago, there is a yearly membership charge of $60 for all programs under the One Village One Voice umbrella.

Our Founders/Coaches do not receive a salary for what they do here with our organization and our organization does not receive city or state funding. Donations are encouraged so we may continue improving our programs, equipment, and facility. 

“It Takes A Village To Raise a Child”

Our Team

“Work for your legacy not for your money.”

Keven Finlay

Founder/Executive Director

Board Member

Antoinette Finlay

Board Member

Robert Miller