Basketball Clinic

Our clinic starts with many of the fundamentals youth needs when playing basketball. We work on improving youth weaknesses and making them their strengths. We help youth gain experience by adding them to our youth team the sharpshooters and finding open tournaments around the city to compete in, Through this process our youth gain real game experience and are able to judge what areas need improvement.
{The clinic is available in two sessions every saturday 10am-12pm and 12pm-2pm. open gym session is available from 2pm-4pm. private sessions available on request.}

Fitness Training

In our fitness portion we focus on building the foundation of everything we do in sports, so are workouts are intense and challenging to our youth mentally and physically. In our strength training we make sure our youth are strong enough not only to play sports but play it at a high level and last until the final seconds of a game.


We passionately feel that chess can be a vital part of development for young minds. Chess helps children learn how to strategize, help with critical thinking and help develop foresight in the game and in life. the program is open to all members of O.V.O.V every saturday 12pm-1:30pm.


When it comes to everything physical we have to address the mental. we not only want to build physically strong young men and women but mentally strong as well. our coaches make themselves available to our youth whenever then need a ear to listen or good advice from another person. We provide our youth with our Declarative Affirmations to memorize everyday and recite every saturday.
We also provide a round table talk every 3rd saturday to participating members in need to talk about current events or help relieve stress.

Special Events & Workshops

We will be offering workshops to help inform and educate our youth on certain matters. These workshops will be available for members and non-members of our organization.

if you are interested in our workshops you may contact Shakira Moran at

Our workshops offer

  • Resume Writing & Interviewing skills
  • Money Management
  • Career Panels
  • Plus More.....