It takes a to raise a child!

Basketball Clinic

Our basketball curriculum will help youth boys and girls develop their fundamentals in dribbling, shooting and defense and IQ. Through basketball, We will instill the importance of hard work, teamwork, Respect, responsibility and mental toughness. We offer a healthy environment for youth to train their skills and opportunity to meet new friends.

Fitness Training

Fitness is not only important in sports but a necessity in everyday life. In our fitness training program, we build the foundation for their athletic lives through our tough workouts. These workouts vary each week from endurance training, core training, chest, arms and most importantly legs. We will also provide our youth with information on healthier eating habits.

Chess Club

A healthy mind and a fit body contribute greatly to shaping the future of a child. Chess helps children learn how to strategize, help with critical thinking and help develop foresight not only in the game but in life as well. Through our chess program, youth will learn patience, concentration and the importance of planning.


When it comes to everything physical we have to address the mental. we not only want to build physically strong young men and women but mentally strong as well. our coaches make themselves available to our youth whenever then need an ear to listen or good advice from another person. We provide our youth with our Declarative Affirmations to memorize.
We also provide a round table talk every 3rd Saturday to participating members in need to talk about current events or help relieve stress.


Our boxing coach Rob will go through the fundamentals of boxing, step by step learning how to punch, block and move. This program is help youth learn discipline, self-defense and many benefits like increased Muscle Tone, Build Strong Bones and Ligaments, Increased Cardiovascular Fitness, Better Muscular Endurance, Improved Core Stability, Increased Strength and Power, Stress Relief. Our Boxing club starts every saturday 9:30 am - 11:30 am.

Sports teams


Girls Volleyball Team

Girls Basketball Sharpshooters AAU Team

Boys Basketball Sharpshooters AAU Team

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