The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Coretta Scott King

This program has taught me how to be aggressive and versatile. This program has also improve my basketball skills,Thanks to coach Keven and coach Marquis.
Okello White
Ovov means the world to me because even when I don’t feel like giving my all my coaches push me to give 101%. I not only learn new moves and get stronger but I also learn what it means to be apart of a brotherhood no a family. Where everyone has each other backs.”
Ohana means family and One Village One Voice is family. The founders of the program believe this and are teaching it in a day in age when our youth is taught it’s all about self. They believe in community and giving back, OVOV is a place where the children can learn skills for life. It started off as a basketball program and has evolved into so much more. Our children are given a place where they can come and do something productive in an environment that is safe and put in place for them. Both Keven and Chivon give of their time freely and ask for nothing more than respect and commitment. Both of my children have been a part of OVOV for the last five years and I’ve seen my daughter go from catching a basketball with her face to being playing for her high school team to now being recruited and playing as a college defensive point guard. Not only did she have me encouraging her she had both Keven and Chivon teaching her the game,working with her one on one with the fundamentals and exercise needed for her to be an all around player. From being a part of the program and watching the work her coaches have done with the kids in the community she too now wishes to open up a nonprofit organization for the youth which speaks volumes to the work and dedication of One Village One Voice and it’s founders.
I've been with one village one voice since 2012, I must admit it has changed my life completely. Keven and chivon is like my big brother and father figure. When i was down and going through tough times i knew i could always go to keven and chivon and just talk to them. They always made it known that this is more than basketball . OVOV is more like a safe haven and not running the streets. With that being said keven and chivon help mold me to being the man that i am today, Without their guidance you wouldn’t see the mature hard working man that i am today and for that i thank them.
Anthony Nelson
It's been close to seven years since the start of One Village One Voice And in those years I've haven't seen a youth program so dedicated and focused on the youth of the community. It's more than just a place for kids to play ball, It's a family. Teaching morals, standards, ethics and Raising the kids to be better individuals. Pushing them to aim higher, Hold themselves accountable And respect for themselves and others. I haven't seen two men ( Chivon and Keven) be more dedicated to this goal. And I personally believe the community became better because of them.
Jonathan Fagan
Friend and former coach